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Dan Gayle

Long before I held a camera in my hands I was taking pictures. Capturing passing moments in time and preserving them in timeless memory. Growing up, I was lucky enough to witness the less fortunate end of the human spectrum. True poverty was something I hadn’t faced; I didn’t fully understand my true self until I observed other lives that were drastically different from my own. By traveling in South America’s poorest country (Bolivia) and observing the impoverished, I experienced a revelation; I have been granted a unique opportunity. I considered myself lucky (and do to this day) to have been born in a country where I could receive abundantly for my hard labor. It was this realization that fueled my dreams.

Today I live out the life I’ve always envisioned. I travel and live in foreign lands, capturing images and sharing my perception of the world for all to see.

Most of the year I dedicate my time to photographing. I thrive through sharing my work with others. I find contentment by working for something greater than myself.

All profits earned through New Planet Studios™ are donated to those born with less fortune. Although I gain no financial profit from this work, I receive an abundance of fulfillment in helping those in need. After all, I feel the less fortunate gifted me with my revelation. I don’t desire to achieve financial abundance; rather, I wish to continue in gaining through rewarding experiences that benefit others.

I currently own very little and try my best to experience as much of life as I can. My accomplishments in life are what continue to develop me into the person that I am today. My possessions are mere roadblocks, cutting me off from encountering life at its’ fullest. It’s an intriguing and rewarding way to live and I desire to share this life with you.

When not photographing, I solely wander the earth with little-to-no obligation, restriction, and stress. I simply “travel the direction the wind takes me.” I typically awake each morning unaware of the course the day will hold; as the evening follows I am sometimes unsure of where I will lay my head to rest. What transpires next is up to fate. I may visit a far off Buddhist temple, high in the Himalayas, or simply take a leisurely journey to a captivating bohemian beach town, temporarily calling it home.

Perhaps it’s the mystery of it all that fascinates me; not knowing where that old dusty road may lead, or meeting individuals with lives and cultures unique from my own. One of the greatest benefits to travel is having the pleasure of experiencing everyday things as if for the first time; removing myself from the “everyday grind” so that those daily occurrences are no longer familiar and so easily taken for granted. This is my passion.

I invite you to follow along in my adventures. Travel is a truly enlightening experience, as it has forever altered my life; it can do the same for you. Come along with me and explore a "New Planet", a place where everyone can "Picture a New World".

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson–

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