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Early but magical...

Published December 11th, 2012

Stumbled upon a concert after buying a dust removal brush for my camera. It was the “Lighting of the Stacks” Kickoff for Festival of Lights at The Alamo Quarry Market. I don't usually go to these kinds of things... at least not by myself. But this time I just felt like it was going to be pretty great… and it was!

I couldn't stop taking pictures. I took exactly 821 pictures in two hours! This is soo many compared to the amount of pictures I usually take. That'd be what I'd take in one day on a family trip. I had a great time capturing great moments like children having a blast on a small train, kids running around playing with their balloon swords, some just enjoying and dancing to the music with their parents and others asking Santa for presents. Oh! And some getting their faces painted… by two very gorgeous girls. (Just being honest here haha)

After listening to the Lamplighters perform and santa arriving with his not-so-christmas-looking reindeer (bikers :P), kids closed their eyes a ...

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