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Natheer Halawani

Natheer Halawani



Photodocumentarist, Music photographer and Visual Storyteller.
  • Nikon D750
  • Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AF-D
  • Nikon AF-Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D ED
  • AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED
  • Manfrotto MK394-PQ

Photo of the Year (Long Exposure Photography)

Published July 7th, 2012

Ever been in a bus/train/taxi and noticed a spot where you imagined yourself standing with your tripod shooting the photograph of the year? Exactly what drove me to a pretty far location away from where I lived, only to capture what I thought was the photo of the year. At some point while going there I said to myself "Hold on, I'm REALLY far now and I can't guarantee I'll manage my way back at midnight". So it was either to lead myself to that spot whatever might happen later, or I go back home. Just as my closest friend taught me, I found myself there at last, in the depths of the highway night, nothing to be seen, no fresh air to enjoy, nothing but the sizzling sounds of cars driving by on the highway at top speed.

At some particular recent time in the past I used to disgrace my camera, hated its guts for its LOW performance in one of the occasions at the time. This got me frustrated pretty bad and got me looking for other alternatives, even though my budget is tight. Just as every ...

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Passion for Food - Take One

Published June 9th, 2012

Voila! The result of a very delighting morning photography session in the Al Baba Resto-Cafe. Food was more than fabulous, always fresh, always tasty. Bad luck for me I was fasting, still smelling the fragrance up til this moment.

It started one week ago, the idea was already brewing and fermenting in my mind. I needed a makeover. I needed a new photography experience. Exhausted of conventional photography, and feeling resentment from our retarded weddings, I picked food photography. Research lead me to the idea that it's often known as "Food Orgasm", though clearly bold in my community, and would be offensive. A courageous and confident visit to the Resto-Cafe was all that it needed. I got the number of the owner, called her and she was surprisingly more than kind to offer me their own photography studio for free, for me to learn and acquire what I needed. Since their HQ was far away, I sticked to the branch near my house. Later met the branch manager, decided on a time & location, a ...

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Nutcase Concert at the Sunflower Theater

Published May 29th, 2012

Wednesday May 9th was expected long ago. Ever since my financial status went drowning this month, I started eventually considering to skip that concert at the Sunflower Theater for the sake of saving the money (yes, an engineer can be broke every once in a while). Although I had already made my mind, and thus made other plans (that didn't need money of course), a new/old friend actually volunteered to lend me the amount for the sake of going there and enjoying the show. Having sat down to talk made it really awkward for the first few moments, but then the tongues just rolled (at least for me) and we spoke the whole waiting time, well actually half of the time we were speaking about Ray, and she might have convinced me on one or two thoughts to seriously consider about my issues. Alas, the bell rang and it was time to meet the almighty (supposedly) Tamer Abou Ghazala, frequently figured as the artistic nutcase performing on stage.

The stage was rocking and trembling in silence waiting ...

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Dutch Elegance

Published May 28th, 2012

Seems like this is one of the few events/occasions that slipped my mind - feels a bit shameful to have left that out. The following is my own footage of the German Music Concert held at the Safadi Cultural Center in my old town Tripoli, still having the strongest hangover since the latest rumble in town calmed down. Music was so enchanting that I was tempted at SO many times to hold my camera by the hand and just listen, but the sight was obviously too good to miss. I'll leave you to the photos.

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Flower Festival

Published April 10th, 2012

I admit that the air was filled with that stench I only tasted in Germany. It was indeed something made outside Lebanon, people were happy, flowers everywhere, children playing around, mouths being fed, artists in action, and actually no one was pissed, well except for that old hag that kept criticizing the food. I found out today, oh no, not found, but actually went through that sensation where you lose your appetite for your most favorite hobby because of that "thing" that was wrong.

Yes I wasn't happy at all, it was only a switch-over from another lame Sunday. I'll explain what was bothering me in other posts, and believe me, it won't slip my mind easily.. Greetings go to my friend Taha who always invites me to such occasions. In our group there was this exquisite looking girl. I know I don't like her personality and will never go along easily with such a way of living, but she was useful actually :-). Whenever I needed to find the group among all people, I only had to look for the ...

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