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Thanks for taking the time to look at my photo stream. I'm grateful for all feedback,comments and favs.

I have over 500 photo's for sale on Getty Images including the Editorial photos.

I always shoot in RAW as it gives me more freedom in processing my work.

To those who decry the use of Photoshop or other editing tools ( I use Canons software), just accept that no photo EVER has been a true representation of the real world.
Every film, camera sensor and associated technology alters the image. Photoshop alters the image. We all produce images that are altered from the scene we captured, whether we like it or not. Indeed, many Photoshopped images are closer to the real scene than what the camera produced prior to editing.
Let's get over ourselves and make the most of hardware and software technology to produce images that we are personally proud of. If others like them, great! :-)

And to those people that feel the need to copy my pictures. You will find that there are at least 10 hidden watermarks hidden away in different places all over the picture. Have fun trying to find them!
And another thing....The nice people at Getty have software that can trace their copyrighted photos. So keep an eye on your mail box when you get a letter from them!


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