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Nicole McDaniel

Nicole McDaniel



Having played with cameras since she was young, Nicole's relationship with photography has gradually evolved from mild interest to full passion. Considering herself an amateur photographer, she takes every opportunity to learn more, develop her skills, practice, and create art. Nicole sees photography as a way to capture, preserve and share the beauty of the world around her, and her efforts behind the lens have enabled her to see that beauty more and more. While photography is, for now, a hobby, her dream is to become a full-time photographer. As for her life away from the camera, Nicole is a happily married 20-something living in Oklahoma, where she remained after attending college. She works at a small but growing stationery company and in her free time (what's that?) enjoys spending time with her husband and her friends, reading, cycling, drinking coffee, and cooking. Occasionally, too infrequently, she travels down to her hometown in Texas to see her family and friends. The travel bug bit when Nicole was young, and as a teen she spent several weeks in Europe. She would love to continue traveling the world, with her husband... and her camera.
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