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Fujifilm X-Pro1 Brief Review and comparison with X100

Published March 22nd, 2012

I’ve just acquired this camera as an upgrade from my Fuji X100.

I’ve got the 18mm f2 and the 35mm f1.4 with it.

First impressions absolutely positive.

Menus and handling

The menu system, although complicated, is a massive improvement on the X100. There’s a “quick” button, aptly labeled Q, that gives you quick access to the most used functions. The main menu is also clearer and more logical.

The button interface is also clear and logical and the exposure compensation is less likely to suffer from being knocked and moved in general handling

Its a fast handling camera and although some reviews complain about slow focusing its well up to my needs. If you need Sports / Action focusing you need an SLR!

Manual focus and the Street

About focus. The manual focus option, for me, is brilliant. It shows the depth of field for the specific lens in the viewfinder. This means you can pre-focus in MF mode for a known range (18mm lens f11 = 3metres to infinity). Then you can unobtrusively snap away on the street without raising the camera to your eye. I can even do this with my hands behind my back whilst appearing to look into a shop window.

Lenses and results

Heres the only bad point so far, the 18mm F2 (=27mm) has pronounced chromatic aberration at the edges, at any F stop. that said the images it gives are still outstanding (

The 35mm F1.4 (=50mm) is almost perfect showing no obvious faults.

RAW File compatibility

I’m shooting JPG at the moment because its still too early for Adobe compatibility, but these files are still full of detail.

Packed with the camera is a Silkypix RAW converter that works well, but I can wait for Adobe rather than teach myself another workflow!

Compared with X100

Bigger, not pocket sized (well it will fit in my Manfrotto Pro Field jacket pocket, but thats another story). But no problem to carry on shoulder or neck.

Better, by far.

My X100 is now on E bay, goodbye old friend!


Delighted, glad I left the Leica on the shelf, so’s my bank balance.

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