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Mikrolimano, Piraeus December 2012

Published December 30th, 2012

It is mid-December and it had been a while since my last photo shooting. You might not get it, but for us photographers (and by the term I don’t mean the business-oriented fellows with no fantasy that only raise their camera just for money) this is far too long. I was in the mood for a good photo and I would do almost anything to get one. I did my research and had a couple of locations in my mind. Being mostly a landscape photographer I had some difficulty in finding something “nice” in the city. I know that it was almost Christmas and the city was decorated with all the lights the economic crisis allowed to glow, but I found it ordinary and overused. At last I decided to head for Mikrolimano in Piraeus, a little marina full of light and opportunities.

Even then, I had to find my way and get there on time provided I would use the public transportation system of Athens, so I packed lightly (3 lenses, my camera and a tripod with a spare battery and a cleaning cloth plus a WB cap ...

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