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How to Shoot "Time Interval Single Frame"

Published June 3rd, 2014

How to Shoot "Time Interval Single Frame"

I was trying “Time Interval Single Frame“ photograph for quite some time but never got satisfying results because of certain mistakes...So here what I learnt from my mistakes and finally achieved what I was looking for:

1. Decide how big Time Interval Single frame shot you want...According to that decide your start and end time..

2. Usually I love to shoot from daytime to Golden Hour to Blue Hour and Final Shot of Night...But if you want so you can start from morning too when you get Night-Blue-Golden and then Daytime...

3. Using of Tripod is compulsory because you want all shots from same angle. It helps in overlapping the shots in Photoshop.

4. Settings is not so Important.It depends on you how and what setting you want to use. Only thing you have to take care is that while changing exposure setting,do not change the aperture as it may affect Depth of Field. Change the shutter speed and since the camera is mounted on tripod work with l ...

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