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Nicholas Masters

Nicholas Masters



I started out on 35mm film, the cheap Kodak stuff families use to photograph their kids. That was about 5 years ago. I recall my first attempt at Photography with a capital 'P'--it was in the woods of suburban Atlanta trying to capture remnants of an old gold mining operation--now I no longer try to 'do' Photography. I no longer try to get that postcard shot. I have found with time and experience that all that really matters about my photographs are that I like them. Sure, that may sound a bit narcissistic, but I like to think of my photography as a guilty pleasure of sorts. I take photographs because it works my brain in a way that no other medium does: my interest in a subject is processed into a vision of how I would ideally present this subject and then I work with my hands and the mechanics of a camera to make this vision in my head a reality--a physical print that one can hold in their hands. I find that putting this process of taking a photograph into words is difficult in itself to describe as it is also partially subconscious. In closing, photography means a lot to me. I will admit that I have lost my faith in it from time to time, but I assure you, my faith has been restored and I am here to stay.
  • Canon EOS Rebel G
  • Nikon FE
  • Minolta SRT-101
  • Fuji Instax 210
  • Nikon D5100
  • Mamiya 645
  • Mamiya Sekor 80mm f2.8
  • Nikon 35mm 1.8G
  • Nikon 50mm 1.8G
  • Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6

My Senior Project blog: 80mm!

Published August 31st, 2012

Just a great blog documenting my progress with my Senior Project.

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