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Lynx rufus

Published November 18th, 2011

I expected I would write the first blog entry here after I came back from California, figuring there would be an abundance of thoughts and experiences that went along with the photos taken throughout my trip that I might like to share. This first of which being about the overall highlight of the trip when I encountered a bobcat on the path at lower Yosemite Falls.

I was just leaving the falls after taking some pretty good shots and chatting with a great photographer who shared the view with me. He was definitely a bit further along in his photography career than I am. I'm assuming that because of his extensive (and extremely expensive) collection of lenses and bodies. He'd been to the park several times and could offer up some good advice so it was good talking with him, despite my gear envy.

Anyway, I was walking around a corner and there she was, just sitting on the trail. Having been at the falls just a few minutes ago, I still had the 24-70mm on my camera and the camera at ...

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