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White-Breasted Nuthatch

Published January 25th, 2012

One of the other bird types I caught over the weekend. There was probably twenty of these at my feeder over the hour or two I was watching.

The White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis) is a small songbird of the nuthatch family which breeds in old-growth woodland across much of temperate North America. It is a stocky bird, with a large head, short tail, powerful bill and strong feet. The upperparts are pale blue-gray, and the face and underparts are white. It has a black cap and a chestnut lower belly. The nine subspecies differ mainly in the color of the body plumage.

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Tufted Titmouse

Published January 24th, 2012

So with such hungry birds feeding from the view out of my office window I figured I would try and start capturing different ones. If anything, just as an exercise to start education myself a bit in terms of types and breeds and start building some identification skills. I have never really given it any thought before, or appreciated the fact that they were there until my recent acquisition of my first camera..

I must say there is something rather soothing about just watching them, it is very calming and serine. So today I will leave you with some Tufted Titmouse (what is the plural? Titmouse's, Titmice?) shots from this weekend.

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Birdies on a Cold Day

Published January 22nd, 2012

I had the camera handy and filled up the bird feeder today, was pretty cloudy so could not get many good shots, plus I was trying to stay focused on some coding, but did manage to catch a few shot I can play with over the next day or so. Here is a couple to give you a sense of the view from my office today.

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Broemmelsiek Park Lake

Published January 21st, 2012

Taken at Broemmelsiek Park on Wilson road in Missouri.

Broemmelsiek Park was designed with a special focus on the area's natural features. The 494-acre property features several lakes and a blend of oak-hickory forest and rolling pastures suitable for a variety of recreation activities and park amenities.

Several miles of trails for hiking, biking, and equestrian users are here, as are picnic shelters, an off-leash dog area, nature preserves, and a 5-acre catch-and-release fishing lake.

Some other shots from this park at

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Great Whisping Sunset

Published January 12th, 2012

I'm not much for taking skyline or sunset pics, mostly because there are just so many of them, but the sunset the other day was just too cool not to capture, here are a few shots I took

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Yummy Fruit Baby

Published January 9th, 2012

Yes, I could have chose a different title, but what fun would that be...

So my wife was throwing a baby shower and tasked me to create the fruit centerpiece for one of the tables. With a little effort (alright, more than a little), a few cocktails for motivation, and some help from Eric - , we managed to put something together that we were not ashamed of.

What is in it?

1 Watermelon

2 Cantaloupes

1 Honeydew Melon

1 Bag of Grapes

1 Pacifier

A bunch of Strawberries

1 Knife

2 Cameras (yes, no way we could have done with only one)

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Christmas is Officially Over

Published January 5th, 2012

Well, took down all the trees and decorations, boxed everything up and said goodbye to the holiday season. Until next year tree! Be prepared however, I shall have a full year under my belt in terms of photography experience by then, and I shall shoot you to death!

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Published January 4th, 2012

Next time your out, order one up (54th Street Grill makes a mean one)!

The best recipe for a Beergarita alcoholic mixed drink, containing Corona, White tequila, Frozen Limeade Concentrate, Lime, Salt and Ice. Includes mixing instructions and ingredients needed for Beergarita.

The best way to have a beergarita is to make the margarita pour in mini pitcher then take a Coronita (small Corona) and put the bottle upside down in the pitcher and as you drink it with a straw the beer dispenses slowly. Fantastic

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Utilizing Shadows

Published January 3rd, 2012

I have noticed that every time I take a shot since I got my camera a couple of months ago it has made me much more conscious about lighting, especially shadows. I tend to look at shadowed areas as things to avoid in the shot, and how to frame a scene to avoid them.

Now looking back at some of my work, and looking through other photography portfolios, I have seen my error in judgment. It's not about avoiding them, but actually utilizing them effectively in the capture to bring them in, to fit the shot or scene. So my new mission is to try and start getting some captures that make use of dim lighting and natural shadows more, and force myself to use them as a tool rather than a hazard to avoid.

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Macro photography is just is too fun

Published January 2nd, 2012

I keep trying to make myself play with something other than my macro lens (ok, maybe I could have phrased that better), but I can't, it is just my crack. Every time I grab the camera just to goof off with some shots, I inevitably grab the macro lens and it seems to stay on all the time.

It's great as it works as a nice portrait lens in my opinion, so it is well suited for those shots too, but all of my immediate inspiration seems to be in the form of looking at the smallest things I can to get a unique capture of the small details.

I'm not sure if I should just run with it as it seems to be where my eyes want to be, or if I should keep fighting myself to use other lenses and keep finding different mediums and compositions to expand myself..

Either way i am having fun, so I guess I'm not too concerned :)

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Not So Scary in Pictures

Published January 1st, 2012

I find it amusing that you can take any dog, in this case a loud and 'scary' one from the neighborhood, and with a decent picture and a little Photoshop work, he simply becomes a cute dog... Maybe a new tool for people with dog phobia's :)

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Ready for Spring

Published December 30th, 2011

Well there has been no snow to speak of this winter, which really is aggravating. I so wanted at least one day of accumulation to take some winter scene photos. I like looking at different snow covered compositions from others and have been inspired to do some of my own. But, no luck in 2011... So I say forget it and let's move on, give me Spring already, and all the color and beauty that goes with it my lens can capture!

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Autumn Colors

Published December 29th, 2011

There is something about the colors of autumn and even winter this year based on or weather in Saint Louis that inspires me. I really love simple tree line photos that just express the color of the season. Somehow simple landscape images such as this inspire me.

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Old Dirty Fly

Published December 28th, 2011

Ever since I got a macro lens and started capturing fly insect pictures, the most common thing to practice with around the house has been flies. I have noticed one thing, there are nice clean ones with great color, and nasty dirty little buggers like this one that land on my paper towel.... yuck

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Facebook Cover Picture

Published December 27th, 2011

Wanted something with a bit of purple and something with a bird shot to fit my creative mood more a bit when updating my Facebook Cover Picture given their new layout. Grabbed this shot from the front door yesterday and did a bit of tweaking.

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Is it 5 o'clock somewhere?

Published December 23rd, 2011

Sitting around processing pics that have been piling up in my not reviewed folders from a buys week of having a camera handy with family and friends around. Somehow I misjudged the vast amount of reviewing I had to do...

Somehow I feel this is going to be a long day, and I always process better with a drink, which begs my question... Is it 5 o'clock somewhere?

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Birdies Everywhere!

Published December 22nd, 2011

My wife was out yesterday doing some holiday shopping and caught this flock of birds in the tree on a cold winter day. We have been looking hard for some birds to practice some shots with, and then unprepared we get a whole tree :)

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Office View Today

Published December 21st, 2011

Long gloomy day so far, but there was a peak of sunlight for about twenty minutes outside. Not many birds around this time of year, but did happen to catch this little fella outside my office window, and it lifted my spirits.

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