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Olga Michi

Olga Michi



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Dzanga Sangha

Published September 24th, 2013

Dzanga Sangha is a National Park situated in the Central African and listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This reserve is the place inhabited by unique animals - forest elephants.

Forest elephants differ from their relatives savannah elephants in several ways- taste preferences, behaviour and a smaller size.

Forest elephant is 2 meters in height and has very thick hair. They inhabit the tropical forests of equatorial west and central Africa but the largest population of these species live on the territory Dzanga Sangha. The role of the elephant in the reserve is unique as it regularly disperses seeds over unprecedented distances and also damaging the branches of the trees providing light to the plants and bushes of the "second layer". Also these hard-working inhabitants of the rainforest compensate the lack micronutrients in the soil. It happens this way. The soil of the Park is rich in minerals that elephant need for replenishing the lack of elements in plant food and for mainta ...

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Антарктика! Такая далекая, но прекрасная.

Published July 11th, 2013

В феврале 2013 года мне удалось воплотить одну из мечт, как путешественницы, так и фотографа. Я посетила самую удаленную точку нашей планеты — Антарктику.

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