Please vote for me

Published November 17th, 2012

Im competing in a photography competition and I need your help to get as many votes as possible. So please vote for me and share this to your family and friends. Heres the link to the photo :

I really appreciate it if you have voted for my photo.

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Published August 3rd, 2012

Ive been here for 2 days, trying to photograph something interesting but i cant find nothing that i can say wow to.

if you have any place in benidorm thats interesting let me now

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The new 7d

Published June 17th, 2012

Im wondering when the new 7d is coming. does anybody have an answer??

Because im not going to buy the 7d when maybe the 7d mark II is coming soon in stores

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Like this for me

Published June 7th, 2012

just hit the like button down below :D

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wich is better the 5d or the 7d ?

Published March 17th, 2012

im asking you this becuse next summer im going to buy the 5d or the 7d

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