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wich is better the 5d or the 7d ?

Published March 17th, 2012

im asking you this becuse next summer im going to buy the 5d or the 7d

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Kailash Gyawali  almost 6 years ago

hi olafur, what are your main goal for buying the camera is the first question. If you want to shoot portrait, studio work and all, then I would recommend you Canon EOS 5D but 5D being released in Aug 22, 2005 the camera is old now and the only advantage i am looking at it is a Full Frame sensor and apart from that there is nothing more to choose from and 7D released in Sep 1, 2009 and only 3 years old now have much more advantages if you are going into action shoots with 8fps and full HD video, 18MP, and dual Digic IV processor to keep up with 8fps. I can suggest you 5DMKII then 5D as the price is dropping now after the release of 5DMKIII. Hope this will help you to decide which is best for you.