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Przemek Czaicki

Przemek Czaicki



I am fascinated with the concept of identity. Who are we now and who do we desire to be? Why do we desire to be that particular person? What are the processes that lead us to who we want to be? Where does the insatiable desire to compare ourselves to others come from? The answers to those are not simple. In the Western World we face a crisis of identity, where the biggest question is - who are we? Everything we do, from the education we choose, through where we live to the values that we support, creates an image of you. This image of you, which comes from all the experiences you gather throughout your life, shows in the way you dress, the way you decide to style your hair, in the way you move, the way you speak. Everything that we believe in has a visual cue that tells others about who you are. That is how we attract others of similar interests, beliefs and goals. Most importantly however our behaviour is governed by the social groups that we are attracted to. We fall into behavioural patterns which consist of the environments that we hang out in, the activities we perform and the entertainment that we seek. Humans are social creatures who desire our beliefs to be validated by others. All of this translates into my visual world which leads me to utilising my knowledge of Social Sciences to create visuals telling a story. Your story. The story that you create and I tell. M: 07512 813 564 International calls: +447512 813 564
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