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Our little adventure in Barcelona, Spain

Published January 13th, 2013

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I periodically go exploring. I like to venture into places I haven't been to, see the architecture, intake the coffee culture of a new place and most importantly photograph my journey. I have a natural love for landscape photography and I frequently use the skills and habits acquired shooting landscapes to other areas of my photography.

This Christmas I had a very special surprise. Joanna was visiting London so that we can spend Christmas together. She decided to get us a trip to Barcelona for two. I couldn't ask for a better surprise.

We decided to a few days after Christmas, because we wanted to spend it in London. So soon enough we went to Gatwick Airport and patiently awaited our late EasyJet flight in one of the many cafes at the North Terminal. Gatwick Airport naturally welcomed us with rain, miserable weather and terminal improvements. It didn't matter though, because w ...

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Trip to Scotland

Published August 11th, 2011

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Scotland was always one of those places I wanted to visit. It has a lot of mountains - and I love mountains. I was planning on going over for quite a while, however the plans didn't materialise until recently. I enjoyed it a lot, to the point that I already intend to go again.

I boarded the ferry from Larne in Northern Ireland to Troon in Scotland, which only took two hours. I was glad, because this is the only thing I hate about travel - transfer. You sit on a plane/bus/ferry for a few hours trying to kill time, because there's not much else you can really do. I'm always really glad when I get off, because I can get stuck into exploring :) I took the ferry on the Monday which was really rainy. It was actually quite depressing, especially after reading the weather forecast. On Monday the Met Office claimed it's going to rain for the whole week.

I landed in T ...

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