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jus vun

jus vun



"the mysterious allure of a person in urban architecture and landscape is a metaphor for social environment and sense of community. It may conjure thoughts and feelings of relationships manifesting in the form of intimacy, alienation,decay,deterioration or rejection" "sensualism in photography is tantamount to having an intimate dance with a woman; timing, technique,intricate body movements and forming a connection between you and your partner. " "if only every fleeting moment in our inimitable lives can be captured on film, re-wound and re-collected." ontoshiki is a literal translation of the photographer's Chinese name to Japanese. 温(i.e.warm) 俊 (i.e.excellence) 輝 (i.e. shining brightly ; in this case, "輝" ki as in "あきら" akira) 四季 (shiki) itself in Japanese also means "four seasons." the artist was raised in Australia and currently lives in Tokyo, Japan where he creates his artwork. main themes: life, death, angst, alienation, lust and love and the exploration of the urban environment, elements and life and the human psyche and body. fascinated by. the cinematic, nostalgic, poetic, enigmatic, unknown, unpredictable, dark and sinister. drawn to. dreams, symbolism, the cryptic nature of photography i.e. the way it conveys moods, perceptions and feelings beyond the need for lexicon and how colors affect mood and feelings. most of his work is shot on film camera; either on a 6x6 medium format (hasselblad, pentacon, holga) or 35mm (minolta XD). however, he also shoots digital with his Canon DSLR. he is available for assignments and customized portrait shoots. prints are available to be purchased and pictures may be licensed and used in collaboration with other work. please enquire for more information. any models, artists, photographers would like to collaborate, please drop me some ideas!
  • hasselblad 503cx
  • hasselblad 500cm
  • pentacon 6
  • minolta xd
  • holga 120
  • polaroid sx70

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