My idea of photography

Published July 27th, 2012

Often, i find myself walking alone in Paris streets, at the end of the day, my feet hurting, and i wonder what i'm really doing. What am i looking for, or am i waiting for something ? What is the photography that will make my day not so depressing, where is it, how should it be...

I guess this is the simple fate of an artist to ask himself, even to work on the identity of his work. When you begin photography, you're having fun. Everything is nice to capture, cause it's the idea of capturing that is new. Then you begin to tell yourself, what's the point of actually taking this picture. Am i building something here ? Am i going somewhere ? Then you wonder what's the photography you like. In my case at least, as i'm always putting myself in the perspective of something existing. I'm not doing things in a naive or intuitive way, at least not on the long distance. I had to realize what are my roofs, where does i come from, why do i like photography.

That's how i realized i like anachronism. I like the fact than a photo isn't associated to a time or reality. It has to appeal to aesthetic rules and feelings more than the real world. And that's how i realized this discussion had already happened at the beginning of the 20th century. It involved a guy named Alfred Stieglitz. I then realized that, mainly, the modern, present, reality capturing side of the photography had won the battle. Oh sure now, everyone can practice "artistic" photography wth instagram i guess, but when you think about i, what values a photo in this world, in those who knows eyes, is always an intellectual process or a strong link to the actual world. It's not just the fact that this a pretty photo that makes you feel something, it's not enough.

So i'm trying to find this beauty, this old, ghostly poesy in the Paris of nowadays. I'm trying to be demanding, to find something rare, unique to this particular moment, in front of my eyes. And yet i know it will be hard to have a recognition out of it, cause it's just that. It's not the intellectual age. It's a little like painting when you think about it. Painting was once about beauty in things, at a really direct level, but with lots of mysticism and depth in it. It was about how you could capture this particular light on the white dress of this woman, or the nuances of orange on the sunset light touching those leaves. Then suddenly it wasn't enough. It was rococo, and the 20th century was all about distance and abstraction, then it became more and more about shapes and philosophical concepts... It's a normal process i guess. And that's why i'll try to make my way with simple dumb and poetic things.


The Tuileries are great to admire the beauty of a falling sun upon the trees.


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UrBaNiTa  over 3 years ago
Llevo ya mucho tiempo admirando tu obra desde flickr.

La tuya me parece una fotografía poética, humanista y muy agradable de ver, una fotografía sensible y cada foto es una auténtica composición al estilo de los mejores cuadros de la historia.
Tus fotos están muy bien compuestas técnicamente y captan los momentos de la vida del día a día. Es una fotografía urbana llena de la mejor poesía y de un estilo inconfundible;tu estilo propio que me seduce mucho.

¡Enhorabuena y gracias por compartir tu obra tan interesante!

Mikaël Aguirre  over 3 years ago
Thx, it's a shame i cannot understand :)