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Mikaël Aguirre

Mikaël Aguirre



I'm a 30 years old parisian photographer, inspired by Pictorialism and Humanism in the last century.
The Tuileries are great to admire the beauty of a falling sun upon the trees.
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My idea of photography

Published July 27th, 2012

Often, i find myself walking alone in Paris streets, at the end of the day, my feet hurting, and i wonder what i'm really doing. What am i looking for, or am i waiting for something ? What is the photography that will make my day not so depressing, where is it, how should it be...

I guess this is the simple fate of an artist to ask himself, even to work on the identity of his work. When you begin photography, you're having fun. Everything is nice to capture, cause it's the idea of capturing that is new. Then you begin to tell yourself, what's the point of actually taking this picture. Am i building something here ? Am i going somewhere ? Then you wonder what's the photography you like. In my case at least, as i'm always putting myself in the perspective of something existing. I'm not doing things in a naive or intuitive way, at least not on the long distance. I had to realize what are my roofs, where does i come from, why do i like photography.

That's how i realized i like anachron ...

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What photography do i like

Published September 14th, 2011

Hi, i'm a 30 years old photographer and this is what i like in photography.

I like photography as an timeless art, not as a capture of our time. I like Stieglitz, I like Camera Work and pictorialism, I like old photos, really old ones. But i also like Doisneau, Boubat, Brassai and all the 50' french photography. I like to be slave of what is going on in the street, to miss things and magically notice others..

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