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Orvis St. John

Orvis St. John



I am a Native new Yorker born in Manhattan. My first of many loves was photography. It is the longest relationship I have been in over my life. I first fell in love with cameras and the photos they made when I was a child living in Manhattan. For me the relationship with photography has been of an intuitive nature. Many of the techniques that I used I had no name for until I later when I started taking photo classes and learned what others called these techniques. I have a healthy respect for all areas of photography but the area of photography that I find myself drawn to, is that which includes people in the images, so fashion, portrait, people and street photography are the areas I spend my time. This is not to say that I do not take landscapes or architectural (Interior, exterior) photos as I have been known to do so on occasion but mostly I prefer images with people in them. I particularly like the amount of creativity that fashion photography allows me as a photographer. I even worked in Milan and Paris as a fashion model for a number of years which I have found to be an invaluable experience to me as a photographer. Orvis St. John is an American Photographer based in Hamburg Germany and is available for assignments world wide. Orvis works in the area of: Fashion Fashion editorial Advertising Portrait People Street life
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