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Owens Daniels

Owens Daniels



Hello, my name is Owens Daniels I am a full time photographer and face of ODP Photography. Being a photographer for several years I have a passion for and inspired by Portraiture, Food, Street and Fine Art photography all of which combine into a vision, to create and share a body of work which speaks for its self in the communities of great images and this wonderful art.

Old Salem A Visitor View

Published January 30th, 2012

During the past several weeks I have spent numerous hours touring, visiting, talking, listening and photographing some of the actors/re-creators of Old Salem village in Winston Salem North Carolina.

Old Salem is an inspiring place that has caught my imagination and pushed my craft of photography, with its complete step back in history, through the statue, voice and engaging costumed interpreters, talented craftsmen and buildings.

Old Salem affords me the availability to see light, really see how images are all around us through light, in its rooms, halls, buildings and people. Due to this I am able to see the subject and composition come together in a different way, a way that captures the moment and teaches me the importance of communicating the time.

Old Salem was started in In 1950, by a group of dedicated volunteers established Old Salem, Inc. as a way to begin preserving and restoring the town of Salem for future generations. It is a place to be enjoy ...

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