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James Darcy

About 20 years ago, after an on the job injury left me as a disabled veteran, unable to continue my construction job, I asked for a 35 mm camera for Christmas and got it. I wish he hell I had asked for it before than. I had been drinking too much, smoking too much pot, and playing too many video games, and getting into too much trouble with the law.
After the novelty wore off, I went to college and took about 4 or 5 different photo courses, both film and digital/computer based. And as time wore off, I began to recognize the difference between "pictures" and "photos", and a personal goal. I wanted my name associated with publicly viewed photos, of something I loved. Little did I know, that photography was to become the first love, with public accreditation soon placing second, as i continued to keep shooting.
Feb. 3, 2012, I went to my local Costco, and with a V A Non Service Connected Pension, purchased my first SLR Digital, a Canon EOS Rebel T21. Since that day, I have had an exotic car show publicized with my photos being used for this year's show and it's promotion, with an invite to re shoot the car show again this year.
I also last year, shot a local K 9 Police Dog Trials show. Those photos have been donated to the local police department, and some of the photos are being used in there show promotion posters, and i am once again invited to return.
And for Christmas this year, I got a remote shutter release, (something I needed as I now own a Bowen F8 500/1000mm lens and stability was an issue) and a SharpShooter camera mount. I had not gotten to truly use it as I wished for wildlife photos, until Feb. 10, 2013.
At a local park, there has been a Barred Owl hanging out for about a month or so, and no one knew why he was there. But everyone with a camera, and a few without, went down to see this owl. Our local news channel, has a viewer sent photo segment, and I wanted on it. I shot over 2700 photos in about 3 hours, sent one to the local news channel, and one to SharpShooter. Much to my surprise, both photos were accepted, and both were displayed, with invites by both to continue shooting, and to continue sending.
I hope to find my photo amongst all the other very fine photos I find mine in the company of, and boy are there a lot of photos by a lot of good photographers. I don't look forward to the time consuming process of finding my personal photo amongst everyone else's, because damn there are a lot of them, but I surely look forward to seeing everyone else's photos because from what I have seen so far, they are all very good. feel honored to have had my photo chosen to be displayed with all of your photos, and I hope to have more of them chosen in the future. because that means I get to see more of your great photos as well, so I look forward to it.

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