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Oz Sawdayee

Oz Sawdayee



Hello, My name is Oz, i'm an amateur photographer, i've started with macro shots and it has just opened my appetite for more... hope you'll enjoy watching my photos as much as i enjoy taking them, i'll be happy to have your comments Oz.

Papilio machaon

Published May 16th, 2012

There is an artificial lake near my house where somtime I go for a walk and for taking pictures. Last time I was there was the first time I came across this butterfly in nature, It was amazing in size and beauty. I was lucky enough to catch it with my camera after he got out on me several times. That day I was looking for it again even though I did'nt succeed.

When I got home for my surprise, i've read that this butterfly is quite common in Israel, so the next day I went to the same place with a friend of mine for another try to catch a photo of it. We walked in about six hours of footage and when we were just about giving up i saw this butterfly again, it went just next to me but i could'nt catch it though i tried, but it was'nt the only one, i saw some more and finally i managed to take some pictures of them.

Unfortunately the pictures i took are not in the best quality but ... I'm sure that i'll catch it again...

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water drops

Published March 1st, 2012

Its a stormy weather outside and i felt a little bored so i decided to play a little with my camera in doors and the result was beautiful so i decided to share. I took an empty plastic bottle and i drew a hole in its cup, filled it with water above my dogs drinking bowl took my camera with the flash and extension tubes and started clicking. The result was amazing, it was very difficult to select photos from the arsenal. Enjoy, i did :-)

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