Jim Wang

Photography has always been a passion for me - a single image can be so evocative. But even though a great image may be captured in a mere 1/1000th of a second, it often requires the right mixture of persistance, experience, skill, and luck (lots of it). But the results can be magical.

A long time ago, that magic happened when you slipped the photographic paper into the developer, and your long-sought image gracefully appeared. Now, with digital cameras, the magic not as visible but it's instant and even more amazing, even if we do take it for granted.

And I don't miss the long nights in the darkroom, the enlarger and safelight, the trays of chemicals, the expiration dates. Because the challenge of making a great image is still there.

I love nature photography - that's how I started - black-and-white landscapes (Ansel and Edward were my heroes). But I also discovered the challenge of people and portrait photography, and the value of working with your models to create the best photo you can, as a team - neither can do it alone.

So here's a potpourri of images for your perusal, and hopefully, your enjoyment!

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