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I have been fascinated by the world around me all of my life. I began tearing things apart to see what they were about at an early age. When I discovered I had some artistic talent I began drawing things that caught my interest, from my particular (peculiar?) perspective. Shapes, images, things - as soon as I got a camera in my hands I began capturing images in the same manner.

When I look at things I see the subtlety, the minutia, the essence - that is how I know things, I believe that is how we all know things though we aren’t often conscious of it.

That is how I prefer to photograph things, from the odd perspective, from a skewed viewpoint, capturing the essence of the image that lets the eye; the mind, play with it and imagine it and complete the picture to give a special personal experience.

The raw image is the starting point for further creation and realization of what my minds eye saw. As you look through the galleries you will see that some of the work is straight up and unaltered. At times the original composition captures the scene, the moment, very well. Other times I will rework the image to take it closer to what I saw, to take it more towards what it was, and yet, no more than what was really there.

Prints are available in most any size, though some sizes would require cropping beyond the composition of the images that you here. All prints are produced with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper – glossy, semi-gloss, matte, and watercolour paper finishes are used depending on the particular work.

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