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Did you know that men have G-spot too? It is called the P-spot.

In women, to achieve intense orgasm a specific spot has to be deeply massaged. Meanwhile, for men, the P-spot is achieved by massaging the prostate gland – a process also known as “prostate milking”.

What is Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking or prostate massage is a process of emptying the fluids from the prostate ducts. The term “milk” is derived from the milky-like fluid that comes out when the prostate has been stimulated. Medically, the milky fluid is known as prostatic fluid. And when the prostatic fluid comes out, according to medical description, it is also considered as a form of ejaculation, which is similar to the ejaculation happening at the penis, but without sperm.

How does it happen?

You are probably wondering how can you massage your prostate gland, which is inside your body? Simple; all you need to do slide your gloved finger to the rectum and then massage or press the prostate which is located in front of the rectum. It may feel uncomfortable at first but eventually, you’ll experience a mind-blowing orgasm.

Prostate massaging does not only benefit people who are suffering from prostatitis or the inflammation of the prostate gland, problems of erection, urethral problems, and more, but it can also enhance ejaculation and or let men experience an intense orgasm.

Prostate Milking as an Orgasm

Prostate stimulation can make you feel good; in fact, it can give you intense orgasm several times without releasing too much semen or none at all. Also, prostate orgasm can give you intensified pleasure at a prolonged time.
How to achieve that intense prostate milking?

There are several ways to achieve that intense prostate orgasm – through traditional way or by using P-spot sex toys.

Here are the steps of a successful prostate milking via traditional method:

• Wash your hands and trim those fingernails.

• Clean your butt.

• You may use your bare hands to massage your rectum, but for extra protection, it is best to use latex or nitrile gloves.

• Use a water-based lubricant to avoid painful friction as you slide your finger into the rectum.

• Carefully locate the P-spot and gently massage the area until the prostatic fluid comes out from the penis.

If you are going to use a butt plug, as an example is that P-spot sex toy, it should be safe to use and safe to the skin. Also, it must be a functional and high-performing vibrator. You should read reliable product reviews and post about the product.

Final Thoughts

Prostate massaging is beneficial – both in health and sexually. To achieve that intense orgasm while having sex with your partner, try the prostate “milking”, either via the traditional method or using a reliable and high-performing P-spot sex toy. If you want to get more details about P-spot sex toys and prostate milking, try to visit Cyber Dear’s website today – a reliable review and informative site for sex toys and anything about sex.

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