Starting in December of 2006 I started taking my photography more seriously. I bought a decent camera and began studying such concepts as exposure and aperture. It was quite daunting at first but I just starting shooting and practicing the things I had been reading about. I had been interested in photography for many years through perusing the vast outlets available on the internet. This made getting started a little easier because there were certain aspects that I knew I wanted to capture or emulate. While it is great to admire other people's work I reached a point where I was inspired to attempt to create my own.

My primary interest, and where I derive most of my inspiration, is fine art nude photography, although, as you can see from my other gallery categories, it is not my only interest. The way I see it there is nothing more beautiful than the human body, and being a heterosexual male I find all women beautiful. One of my biggest inspirations is Craig Morey and one of my favorite quotes from him is "In my own way, I'm studying the Iconography of my own desires as a heterosexual man." I cannot say it any better than that. Every woman is unique and I have found it is the challenge of bringing out their own unique beauty that I love. I am blessed to have a gorgeous and uninhibted wife. In many ways it is because of her that I have chosen this path to pursue photography. I could not have asked for a better teacher in learning the beauty of a woman.

I have a lot to learn and I look forward to learning it. If you are interested in modeling for me then please contact me. I am actively looking for models in the Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and surrounding Sacramento areas of CA. If you received one of my cards or a referral, please provide detail of the circumstances in your email. If you are interested in shooting with me, here is some general information about how the shoot will go:

If you are interested in posing for me I assume you have reviewed my work, liked it, and are interested in collaborating with me to produce photographs that meet both our artistic sensibilities. Creating beautiful photographs will only happen if you, as the model, are completely comfortable.

As the photographer, I do everything I can to make you comfortable. Before shooting we will meet and discuss the types of photographs YOU want and how we can fit that into my style and the types of photographs I want to create. I am primarily an artistic nude photographer so this is the time to discuss the level of nudity that you are comfortable with. For example, some models want nude photographs but do not want their face or other identifying marks shown in the photographs. Other models are interested in implied nude where they pose nude with hands, scarves or other objects strategically covering the areas of their body they do not want photographed. This information is vital to share with me in order to ensure your comfort level is maintained throughout the entire shoot.

After these formalities we will discuss any specific images we want to create and I will ask you to look through existing photographs and point out to me which ones you like. This helps me to understand what you like and create photographs that you will love. If you have any specific requests for photographs this is the time to tell me!

Before we actually begin the shoot I will ask you to read and sign a model release. If we have discussed any specific limitations in the types of photos to be shot you should write this on the model release. We will both initial these statements so there is no confusion. The model release also specifies the terms of the collaboration. The usual option is posing for me in exchange for a CD with a copy of all of the final images. These images may be used for any personal use or self promotion but may not be sold or altered without my consent. You are free to make your own prints for your own personal use. As the photographer I maintain full copyright of all images.

I am not a professional photographer. I do this as a creative outlet and to learn and develop my photograph skills. I will use these resulting photographs in my own portfolios, both in print and on-line. Please consider this when we discuss terms of the shoot. I will happily take photographs that you want for your personal use only and not for me to use for public display. I only ask that the ratio of private and public photos be somewhat balanced.

Preparing for the shoot is as important as the shoot itself. The most important thing to remember is to not wear any tight clothing for at least two hours prior to the shoot. Tight clothing will leave marks and lines on the body that can be distracting in the final photographs. If you have any outfits, lingerie, or other attire or props you want to be photographed in, please bring them! Bring your own makeup but do not apply heavy makeup before the shoot. Always bring high heeled shoes and your favorite lotion even though we may not end up using either. If you are not posing entirely nude please wear appropriate tagless underwear that hugs your body and does not appear baggy or bunchy.

The most important thing is to have fun and feel comfortable. It's perfectly normal to feel nervous and awkward at first. Often times we will start out simple and with some level of clothing or lingerie and then progress from there as you become more comfortable and familiar with the process. Communication is the key and I encourage you to speak up at any time for any reason!

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