Ciaran Cummins

About me.

I was born in Dublin and have lived here all my life. Growing up photography wasn't part of my life although my Father always had the National Geographic magazine and Time magazine so I was always surrounded by fantastic pictures and if I was to seek a reason as to why I am now hooked on photography I would have to say that the seed was planted then.

Music was my first love and I learned the guitar in my teens and did the usual forming of bands and gigging around the city looking for super stardom and like so many other bands nothing ever really happens. Although we did find ourselves signed to a small US label that was swallowed up by Geffen and forgot about us.

I suppose I have to thank the invention of the camera phone for bringing me back to photography. It was this that got me shooting again.

I bought my first real camera a Canon Eos 400D almost by accident. I was out on my birthday some years ago when I saw the Canon 350D which I had been considering buying as my camera phone was just not giving me the results I needed anymore. As I was looking at the camera I noticed that beside it was this other camera, a Canon 400D. This had just been released as the upgrade to the 350D. The thing was the shop had priced it wrong as it was on sale cheaper then the the older 350D. It had to be a sign, so I bought the 400D and from that day to this I haven't stopped shooting.

I love taking photo's, I love the peace you find when out by yourself just looking around trying to find that special shot. I really enjoy seeing the photo go from a click on the camera to a print that I can hang on a wall or give to someone. I am only new to this end of photography having previously only looked at the results of others hard work and so I have many years of learning to go, and I know I'll enjoy every minute of it.

These are a few of the people that inspire me and every time I browse the web I find more so this list will be forever expanding.

Clients I have worked with.
Mooz Shakes and Sweets
Sidewalk Catering
AC Cars BMW and Mini Specialists
Brendan Duffy Photographer. (Retouching work)
AC Motorworks

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