Max Meir Mroz

Storing light, his own interpretation of the world is a wonderful adventure. At a young age I was fascinated by the formation of a photographic image onto photographic paper. This great adventure always took place in the darkroom with red or olive green light. It has always had its own unique atmosphere and charm. Now we can do it anywhere, with the help of computer programs and digital cameras. It is a very big comfort, but still we have to think what and how we want to show with the help of our camera.
Photography is my love, just as my wife and my family. Photography will always be a complement to my life and their own interpretation, a photographic record of the world.
Shooting, travel, writing ... I do what I like ... My work exposes individual exhibitions in Poland, the United States and Israel. I value freedom, because as a photographer and journalist, working mainly as a freelancer. I also make studio sessions, workshops and training.

I studied at the Faculty of Law of the University (specializing in international business law). I graduated from the Pedagogical University (specializing in human resource management). I am a graduate of the Institute of Photography in San Francisco - California, USA.