Peter von Seth

Born back in 1978, Peter von Seth’s mother left her indelible mark by her never-ending tirelessness throughout his entire childhood. Therefore he grew up at both places, right at the mountains in the South and on the shore of the seas of Germany. Later on he studied construction and electrical engineering in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. While attending at the university as well as afterwards von Seth worked as a land surveyor and web designer.
Throughout his numerous journeys, taking him over various continents, he was strongly influenced by all the different people he met and all of the foreign cultures he got to experience which strengthened his way of seeing the unusual and especially the perspective of looking at how people and situations are.
It was during that time that his enthusiasm for photography awakened. So he started to teach himself how to capture the most beautiful snapshots – also encouraged by his mother who has always been a very passionate photographer and painter.
Unlike so many others Peter von Seth does not aim getting a fast prey, a “quick-and-dirty“ snapshot. Instead he uses the possibilities given by natural and artificial light in an interesting and even dramatic way for his work.

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