Wanja Wiese

Wanja Wiese got his first camera in 1990, at the age of ten, a "Fujifilm DL-180 Tele", as an christmas present from his father. About 90% of his images were photographs of eating and sleeping dogs.

The following years Wanja's finish grandfather Jali borrowed him his camera, a"Minolta Freedom III" every time his grandson visited Finland. Wanja finally took his first steps in landscape photography and tried to capture the beauty of the land of a thousand lakes.

​In december 2011 he spent all of his money and bought his first DSLR, the "Nikon D5000". He was able to carry a camera everywhere he went, and his love for photography grew day by day.

​In summer 2014 Wanja was incredibly lucky to start working as the assistant to Ivo von Renner, a well known artist, who made a living with commercial photographer for several decades. He stayed there for a year and learned a lot from his mentor.

​Wanja started shooting mostly animals, landscapes and flowers but became more and more interested in shooting architecture and people, after switching to Canon's "EOS-System" in 2014.

In 2017 he came up with digital manipulations, another good way to express himself.

​Although Wanja still enjoys shooting dogs, he realized that taking portraits of people is great fun too.

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