Rob Gallagher

Palladius began his photographic journey on the 24th September 2006, around lunchtime. He finished his photographic journey later that afternoon because he didn't know what one actually was. However, he emerged from this turbulent time with two key passions: taking pictures of cool stuff and talking about himself in the third person.

His development from this harsh chrysalis was marked by an itinerant wandering as a maverick photoslinger for hire, as stateless and windblown as anyone who needs to be home by eleven cos it's a school night.

The principle focus, if you'll excuse the pun, of his photo making is people and portraits, as a way of capturing the intimacy he's incapable of in his normal interactions, but he also enjoys the interesting shapes and angles of stuff in the environment and how the juxtaposition of these fixed and arbitrary elements is refined and delineated by the transliteration to an essentially two-dimensional representation. He freakin' loves it when that happens.

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