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Pamela North

Pamela North



I am drawn towards desolation and sparseness, pertinacious in my pursuit of a missed detail within what others decipher, as barren or mundane. Intent on exploring all spectrums of the world, I also immerse myself within the picturesque, adamant that I capture my experience in its entirety..

Polaroid #1-100 (#1-15 : Part 1)

Published May 14th, 2012

#1-15 is the first installment in the series Polaroid #1-100, which when complete, will consist of one hundred Polaroid landscapes, gathered from various countries around the world using a Polaroid OneStep 600 camera. After more than a decade of shooting landscapes with Polaroid 600, I still marvel at the uniqueness and deep aesthetical value each image holds. My aim is to share my passion for this medium by producing a series of work, which allows for a new perspective on Polaroid photography to be realised: click here to view the complete series.

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