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Alexander Safonov

Alexander Safonov



My name is Alexander Safonov, I’m originally from Voronezh, Russia. I have lived in eastern Asia since 1998, spending decade in Japan, few years in Hong Kong and currently residing in Singapore. I’m a professional software architect by trade, working as a consultant with financial firms. I got my diving license in 2002, and began to experiment with underwater photography in 2004, starting with compact cameras and by 2006 progressing to the digital SLRs. My favorite photography style is wide angle, and favorite subject – marine life, close and personal. Sharks are my favorite animals, as they are a combination of beauty and danger. I have dived in numerous locations around the world, but my favorite is the South African Wild Coast, where I got the best dives of my life, during annual Sardine Run phenomena. For photographers looking for close encounters with predators bait balls are the one of the best options as on single dive it’s possible to see more predators than the average diver sees during life time ! Among my other favorite destinations are Cocos Island, Fiji, Galapagos and Raja Ampat. My work won several prestigious awards, was published in various media around the world and participated in many promotional and advertisement campaigns. I’m always looking for exciting new photo-opportunities involving close encounters with marine life.
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