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The Invisible Thread of Humanity - Parts One Th...

Published February 28th, 2012

When we weave the fabric of life together using the invisible thread of humanity, we create a beautiful tapestry.

Please visit each of these photos and read their descriptions and you will discover the story of us. Also make sure that you watch the video that goes with the seventh photo about an amazing woman in Cambodia. You can view that video at this link:

Thanks for supporting this series!

Paul Garrett

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Don't You Love Apple's Product Shots...

Published February 16th, 2012

Here's a link to photographer Dwight Eschliman's blog entry regarding his product shots for Apple:

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New Canon Rumors

Published February 14th, 2012

New release from Canon may be coming soon. Will it be the highly anticipated 5D Mark III?

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Canon is Leading the Way

Published November 4th, 2011

Canon made some product announcements today in Hollywood and in Tokyo that will have advanced capabilities for cinematographers/photographers. Read more at the following link:

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