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BlackRapid and Zenfolio

Published October 18th, 2011

I don`t know if I would have written this otherwise, but there IS a chance to win another BlackRapid strap, so hey!

What can I say about both of these companies that hasn`t been said; nothing at all I`m sure. But I can add my voice to the legions that already love em.

I`ve been a Zennie for a few years now and completely love the way that they show my portfolio, the ease with which I can add to and edit it, the awesome support and forum discussions, and the fact that they just keep on keepin on adding new features. Thing is, it isn`t just me. Everyone who has looked through my images on the site loves it too. (Even when my images, well, suck. They still love the presentation. Now if someone that would bleed into the photo....hmmmm) These guys are just too darn good.

BlackRapid - well. I don`t even recall when I first saw or heard of them. A blog post, Facebook mention or tweet from some photographer or other that I follow. I read up on them and thought I should try them out. I didn`t think their price was too bad, I liked the way that they talked about their products, and it just seemed like a sensible way to carry your camera without killing your neck. So I went ahead and ordered one.

Well. Now I have one for each camera body (that would be three), as well as a double strap that I`ve used for a wedding and a photowalk and love, love, love!!! I`ve been stopped by quite a few other photographers, amateur and pro alike, asking me about them and how to get one. I should be getting a commission here I tell ya.

The proof is in the using. For both of em. Just too good!



  • October 18th, 2011

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