So I currently work in the Canary Wharf area of London (UK) and because of this I've become fascinated with the buildings and architecture within the area. It was at one point the most modern part of London with the Canary Wharf building (1 Canada Square) being the largest building in Europe. It has now paved the way for the development of larger and sleeker building across London and once again reclaiming the Title of Europe's tallest building (The Shard).
Anyway here you will find some of my work from in and around the Canary Wharf area and the tall buildings which I'm still fascinated with to this day.

The City From The Shadows

The lights of the ever growing and changing Canary Wharf taken from a shadowy corner on the banks of West India Docks.

Twilight Skys

Taking a step back on the lower West India Docks as the path sweeps down from West India Quey leeding round and out of the docks.

Time Stand Still For No Man

This is a shot taken of people rushing around the Six Public Clock's which are an art installation (sculptures) by Konstantin Grcic, in front of the Canary Wharf Building 10 Canada Square.

Work Never Stops

Canary Wharf just after the sun sets for the day and still the work and construction carries on into the night. Ever growing and ever busy!

On The Dock At Canary Wharf

Looking out from West India Docks toward Canary Wharf and the City beond

Canary Wharf

The Shot was taken from a small bridge linking to groups of flats in Blackwall Basin. I've been back many times since taking this and I have to say it's probably my faviourite spot to shoot Canary Wharf from.

Stormy Skys Over Canary Wharf

A HDR black and white shot of Canary Wharf and the flats of Blackwall Basin. The sky and clouds in this shot look very moody and cast great reflections on the water.

Canary Wharf Reflections

The Lord Amory (large blue boat) and Portway (small red tug boat) sitting in West India Docks with the large buildings of Canary Wharf looming in the background and casting some great reflection onto the water.

Reflections In The Dark

Canary Wharf and the surrounding buildings reflecting there bright lights on the the River Thames.

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