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Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart



Wildlife photographer living in Glasgow, Scotland. Finding my feet so to speak.

Confidence should come from you, not anyone else.

Published May 20th, 2013

In the beginning, you get a camera, you start taking pictures and lots of friends and family tell you how great you are. They want your work hanging on a wall and you feel you've hit photography mecca.

You set up a website. You put on your best work and continue on your merry path.

Weeks pass. You continue to punt out the images, but nothing changes. The positive comments slowly drop off, and you hit a plateau.

Because you are no longer receiving feedback you instantly think your work is no longer loved and must do better. You start over processing things in your mind, and you also start over processing your images. Before long you are starting to delve into different styles of photography to get that warm feeling of acceptance back.

It never comes....

You believe that it's your gear that's letting you down, so you buy more. It's still not enough. You try to make time to shoot more, but end up putting yourself under so much pressure that it shows in your images.

So what do y ...

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Some things don't change

Published January 14th, 2013

I thought that when you bought a better camera, it made you a better photographer. The two images below are an example of where i've been in the last year. Carron Valley pic was taken with my old camera, and the Lennoxtown shot was taken on my 600D.

I thought I had come quite far. First shot was done in auto, and the second done in manual. I love both images, and it certainly doesn't feel (based on the two) that i've come very far.

It's a long learning cycle indeed.

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Photography doesn't start when you get a DSLR

Published October 24th, 2012

I was lucky enough to be able to buy a Canon 600D 2 months ago. I started taking pictures and taking photography seriously. However, I seemed to have forgot -- that while I now have a much better camera, I have been taking pictures for a long time. I have not been lucky enough to try out film, but I've used a lot of digital cameras from point and shoots, camera phones and now a DSLR. The rules of composition don't just change, or lighting doesn't suddenly come from no-where just because you're using a cheap camera.

Some of my fond memories came from using a Fuji M603 compact. My kids growing up, their videos and all that, all tucked into a 512Mb CF card, a 6mp CCD sensor and a 2" screen. It was a happy time.

I wish I had my 600D for those times but I didn't.

People are focusing far too much on kit these days, thinking somehow it's going to save them. You can take a picture of a turd with any camera, and it's still going to be a picture of a turd.

That's all...

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