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Antonio Pedraxas

Antonio Pedraxas



http://pedraxas.com Born in Barcelona where he obtained his degree in Fine Arts at the University. At the same time working with businesses, artists and designers such as MMLB (advertising agency), Saura and Torrente (Ed. L'Example), Javier Mariscal (creative)... He moved to live in the Balearic Islands where he is a prolific artistic work. Travel to Zaragoza where he worked for magazines such as Z-People, Destinos Urbanos, El Periódico de Aragón, Be And Life... and began his teaching, conducting conferences and courses on photography, design and art for the Government of Aragon, Zaragoza Cityhall and Government of Navarra. He moved to Montreal during a fallow year where taking pictures for various agencies and independent publications and knows the Kahnawake Indian cultures. In Quebec he knows Inuit sculptors and experiences the extreme cold winter of 2004. Upon returning to Spain continues his creative work as Head of photography department in a company advertising in Zaragoza and then as Art Director for the Group Be and Life, doing work for companies like Dyper Perfumes, Opel Spain, Schindler, Passaró, Replay, Alejandro, Pedro Bernal, Europe Active Club, Smart Cars, Costa Cruceros... He is currently a professional member of the National Press Photographers Association.

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