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up down arrows in comments?

Published November 5th, 2011


Don't know about you, but I'm trying to work out what the little up and down arrows are at the right hand side of peoples comments. I can't seem to find an explanation anywhere!?

Anyone with a clue, let me know :)


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Neil Bryars  over 6 years ago

Thanks Arseny! Never thought my blog would get a visit from the 500Staff :)
Cheers for your input, you get a +1 for that :)

Arseniy Ivanov  over 6 years ago

While we love to see people figure out any new system, here are some details, subject to change as we see feedback.
You can use up and down arrows to vote on the comment. Votes can not be re-cast. Rating of a comments does not its position, not yet. Rating of your comments does not influence your affection.

As a personal opinion: I see voting on comments as a way to filter useful feedback from "Like" and "It's the best" fluff. I hope that comments are taken more seriously in the future — as a tool for discussion and debate, rather than a way to express split second's infatuation with a photo.

Jeff Morley  over 6 years ago

I just clicked the 'down' arrow on someone's comment...just to see what it does. Will my accidental vote be known to the person who made the comment? I hope not, because he's a great guy and he made a very kind comment...

Matti Suomalainen  over 6 years ago

You are right Neil, it doesn't work like I thought earlier. At the moment it's just like a "like-button" in Facebook or Google+. Maybe that will become more useful someday...

Neil Bryars  over 6 years ago

No, no movement, and I was able to come back and make it a -ve!
Thing is, no-one gives critique on here, it's all verbal stroking, so why the need for + and - ?

Neil Bryars  over 6 years ago

Thank-you. you have both earned yourselves a green arrow +1 :)
The downside is now, I don't know if it works. If I'd given Phrasikleia a +1, she might have moved up.

Erin Babnik  over 6 years ago

If Matti is right that comments will be arranged according to votes on them, then I applaud the change. It will encourage people to offer more constructive comments. If your comment appears at the top of comments on a popular photo, you stand a higher chance of attracting eyeballs to your own work. Interesting development.

Matti Suomalainen  over 6 years ago

Green arrow for +1 and red arrow for -1? I assume that comments will be arranged by earned points. In my opinion this will be a nice feature.