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Connie Handscomb

Connie Handscomb



Once upon a time, a little girl was given a film camera on one of her birthdays .... she loved it, used it ... and doesn't remember at all what happened to it in the end, other than that she didn't have it any more. Time passed on, she studied many things, including Fine Arts ... and doesn't remember exactly why she left it other than Life moved her in another direction, and she moved along with it, away from pencils and brushes. Several years later, she was gifted with another camera with which she surprised family and friends with photographs of sunsets and image details which they were not used to seeing. And while she dearly loved using it ... she doesn't remember exactly why it was left behind for years and years, but it happened ... Life nudged her once more in another direction, and she moved on. Then a day came when she retrieved it out of storage and used it with great delight until (and this she does remember) it was stolen from her! And since she was very ill at the time, she picked up her paintbrushes instead, until she began feeling so much better that she felt a great urge to take photographs again. And another camera ... then two...entered into her life, and she became blissfully aware that she was doing something she loved. And she knew then that when Life nudged her on, she had no intention of setting the cameras aside .... wherever she might go in the future, they would be going with her, too .. because, together, they are living happily ever after. Thank You for visiting her site. She hopes these images will delight you as much as they were her pleasure to capture. Do come back soon. She will be uploading new images on a regular basis. Smiles, C. [While she takes photos of many things, and enjoys post-processing, she has decided to display here ...at least at this time ... macro floral images; visit her other sites for her alternative works. Almost all these images are straight out of the camera, unedited. She challenges herself to get these. She carries a Canon EOS7D around her neck and a Lumix DMC-ZS20 (Leica lens) in her pocket] "Flowers .. are the hieroglyphics of angels." ~Lydia M. Child

Connie Handscomb has not written any stories.