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Pelle Kjorling

Pelle Kjorling



Sometime life stops. That’s when my camera says click. That happens frequently when I´m traveling which I also do frequently, often at a motorcycle. It gives me eternal moments from my life that I can offer you to see if you take a moment of your life. I´m hoping that you share my passion for that moment and understand why I have chosen to take that picture. I never arrange pictures. I prefer to save the moments of ordinary people in ordinary situations more than anything else. Eyes and mimic are more important for me than the technical result but also that the picture gives a feeling of what I saw, not what I wanted to see. And I am really grateful to the people who let me show them to you. Such things have to be done with respect and not interfere with their will. Here you can see some samples of what I experienced, mostly portraits though it´s harder to give you feelings from landscape. I´m very grateful if you leave your opinion on my chosen moments in time.
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