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Latest Shoot w/ Daria

Published December 18th, 2011

Thought I´d type some brief BTS about the latest shoot with Daria and talented and cool make-up artist Pii.

The idea was to make a duotone mask with something flaking and bursting around. Pii was very clever to use just some flour, water and food dye to make two different "batters", one blue and one yellow. She literally used a wooden fork to aply this "make-up" on the models skin. It was very cold by the way, so if you´re planning to try it, you should at least have a hairdryer or something at hand to try and warm the batter up a bit.

After some finishing touches on the eyes and hair we did the actual shoot really really fast. Maybe 30 frames all in all. Pii was wielding the bag of flour and the headline shot with the flour explosion was created by throwing flour at Darias head from behind.

Light was pretty simple:

-White BD overhead

-135 cm octa on the floor infront of model (no flash) just reflecting some light up

-silver umbrellas on each side for some separation

Hope this w ...

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