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Really Horrible experience at the Devon House

Published April 10th, 2012

Courtney Chen

Really Horrible experience at the Devon House, on Wednesday 4th, April 2012. A Wedding was booked @ the The Grogge Shoppe - Devon House. Everything was off to a great start, really like doing religious weddings, The church went over so got to the front of Devon House about 6 pm, we were trying to get as many shots as possible before the light fell.

As soon as we began to shoot a Security Guard in plain clothing came and ask us to stop shooting. I explained to him that the wedding party we were shooting is having a wedding here. He explained that the wedding is being held on the Grogge Shoppe, though on the same grounds - He could not allow the bridal party to take photos on the grounds of Devon House, as we would have to pay an additional cost. The Bride explained and said that she would pay. He replied that the offices are closed and that there is nothing that could be done. We were forced to move from the front and so we then tried to go to the side- close to the entrance. The security guard again came and said that there also was off limits. We had no other choice to go on the road! The Bride was very distraught about how they dealt with them and was very tearful at the experience.

Fortunately for me I had taken a shot Of both the Bride and Groom that put a smile on their face.s The rest of the formal Photos were done on the road, with the car lights as the back ground. After numerous weddings, this to me is the worst experience that I have ever had. The link below is an example of the shots we got on the roadside.


Waterloo Road 7pm at night

  • April 4th, 2012
  • D700
  • 200mm / f/f2.8

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Andy Hellinx  over 5 years ago

This is a great picture. When I read the situation you were in... I like it even more! Job well done!