Camera Stories: Agfa Iso-Rapid Ic

Published March 22nd, 2012

In 1971, at my 10th birthday, I received a Agfa Iso-Rapid Ic as a gift. It was my first camera. I cannot say that this camera caused an immediate addiction to photography, but it was a start.

The Iso-Rapid Ic was produced between 1966 and 1970. So I had one of the last Models. It was very straight forward to use. It was not possible to adjust the focus or the aperture. There were just two options which could be selected by a small switch at the lens: Bright days (1/80 s exposure time) or cloudy days/flash (1/40 s exposure time). This type of shutter is named « Parator » (written on the lower part oft he lens).

Agfa sold a special color film format for this camera – the Agfa Rapid. The negatives were quadratic with a size of 24x24 mm. I have attached two samples of the pictures I took.

The film was transported by turning the black wheel on the rear side from the right to the left into an extra cartridge. It was not possible to rewind the film. You had to take the left cartrigde out and ...

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Published March 7th, 2012

I am not very much in taking portraits or photographing people. But when taking a walk through the streets or the countryside, I am sometimes touched by couples of different age and I can't help taking shots of them.

I give you some examples. The first one - "Love over Gold" shows a young couple watching the display of a store in Berne. Are they considering to buy rings or a piece of jewelry? We don't know, but they seem to be very much in love and attached to each other.

The second photo shows the motive of "couple" even twosome. A pair of people - a middle-aged couple - are taking the walk through an open winter landscape, and they are passing a pair of trees. It reminds me a little bit of Philemon and Baukis, the old couple in the Greek mythology who were transformed by Zeus into an oak and a linden tree.

So, each picture of a couple tells me a different story.

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