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Peter Kremzar

Peter Kremzar



Hi, I’m Peter. I've been using this page for quite a few years now, and I finally decided to write an about me section. I’m really exciting by anything that looks beautiful. This is how I started with my photography. My father worked for our national airliner Adria Airways and he was often abroad in the US Southwest where their airplanes were built. He knew many people from the area and some of them were so nice and sent him some of those beautiful calendars and books from the US Southwest. You know. South Utah, Northern Arizona, California and others. I remember I was watching them for hours. They were unbelievable beautiful to me. Really. I decided that I’ll definitely make such nice photos one day too. So this is how I started with my photography. I still love shooting in these parks and when I don't shoot I really like to explore the areas using various sources like, Bing maps or Google Earth. I have a huge collection of various beautiful photo locations all around the world. Later I became a little bit bored with the landscape photography. I wanted to try something new; photographing people. I started with fashion shows, parties, concerts for various magazines and newspapers. But I really wanted to do something at a much higher level than the journalistic photography is. For me journalistic photography is more or less just about clicking at the shutter button. I was lucky to meet a Miss Contest license holder so I started shooting his contestants for calendars and other needs he had. My current projects include photo shoots in a Sports Illustrated style at the coasts of the Krk Island, Croatia. This is really the area that I'd like to explore more. I'm pretty excited that you read this whole thing. I commend you for that. This was ridiculously long, and you probably have other stuff you could've done in the last two minutes. So to you, or anyone else who has spent two minutes on me in some way—reading this or watching some of the photos I did. Thank you.

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