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Getting Views...or not

Published November 26th, 2011

Am I the only one who is wondering why some photos get much views within the first few minutes after uploading, while others don't? (I'm not talking of "Likes" here, just the number of views).

To a certain degree, it might depend on the quality of the photo, but I don't think this is the main reason.

I guess it heavily depends on the time when it's uploaded: If there are only few active users, it of course can't get that many views. If there are too many active users, there are lots of photos uploaded simultaneously, and it might disappear from the "Fresh" page too quickly (even though 500px seems to update this page batch-wise).

I don't know what to to against this problem (apart from carefully choosing the time to upload new photos). It is, however, a bit disappointing to upload a photo and to only get 3 views after 12 or more hours.


I just watched the "Fresh" page for some time and reloaded it frequently. The same photos stayed on the first page for some minutes, but between two reloads, around 35 new photos appeared. The first page only shows twenty, so the other 15 photos probably never were shown on page one - or only for a very short time.

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Sascha Robi  almost 4 years ago

Sometimes I wonder how this works, too...

Syǝd Abdullah (inactive)  over 4 years ago

I am new to 500px. i uploaded 1 pic 2 days ago . still 0.0 views

Ronald Diel  about 5 years ago

I understand that in one sense it's a volume issue - if you're getting thousands of pictures an hour, they all can't be displayed / rated in the top 1 or 2 hundred. But, in another sense, I suspect that it's the current mix of participants. With the volume of photographs coming in there must be a high volume of people using the site and therefore there should be a high volume of views, IF the participants actively view photographs. I try to view / V&F actively but the increased flow through makes it hard to really find / view new material that suits your taste (and frankly the volume of snapshots has grown faster than the volume of great shots). So we go to the popular and editors' choice pages where the quality is generally somewhere between great and awesome, but if you don't get there, well you're nowhere. Keep in mind though that, if as a community we want 100 views of every shot we post, then on average we'd need to view 100 shots for every one we post. Regardless, it's frustrating when you post a photograph as I did today that got 5 views in two minutes (with 4 votes and 3 favorites) and then went radio silent when it moved down the fresh pages.

Kenney Lybeer  over 5 years ago

It's very frustrating... I uploaded a pic yesterday in the evening (European time) and it hit 90... I was hoping for more, but before some more fav's and likes came by 500px had already downed my score by 10, so leaving even the popular section. And the new fav's and likes didn't help anymore, it just is so sad that you have a nice picture and never again it will grow further...

Joey D. Smith  over 4 years ago

Take better photos :)

Brad Douglas  over 5 years ago

I'm in the same situation and completely frustrated. A new image goes through fresh like lighting> last night I uploaded some really good (I think) snake shots and got only a couple of views. Right next to my show was a fuzzy shot of someones pet and it quickly gained >50 popularity. Just don't get it and quite disheartened.

Magnus Nordström  over 5 years ago

I agree with the post too. As a newbie here, it's really difficult to get high enough ratings to even get to the "upcoming" stage, and you need to get them almost instantly after upload. They disappear from the first 10 pages of "fresh" material after only a few minutes unless you've selected a specific category to browse. After a day or so an extra vote means virtually nothing in terms of ranking, and with the ranking going down by time, it's virtually impossible to ever get an older photo to reach even the "upcoming" stage, which is rather frustrating. I'm commenting quite intensively here but get very, very little in return....

The best thing I did to get views and likes was to put a link to my profile on facebook, a couple of days after starting the account. That gave me 500+ views and 50+ likes in a couple of days, the first 250 views within half an hour after posting the link... However, the likes came on very different photos, so none of them seemed to get to even the upcoming stage...

I think that those with a lot of followers (some have hundreds or even thousands of them) more easily get their photos into higher categories. This seems quite unfair to me...

Philipp K  over 5 years ago

I also think that the ratings drop too quickly. I had some photos with a score of 70+, but they went down to around 60 overnight (without any dislikes).

Eric Fryc  over 5 years ago

I agree with this post. It's frustrating getting no views, isn't it? I've blown up 500px a couple times, commenting and favoriting a ton of photos to no avail. For this reason, I largely stick to Flickr. It's a shame, because I like the quality of this site (and more so, the photos!) much more.

Michael McDermott  almost 6 years ago

I agree with all of you, though I am new to this site there does seem to be a good amount of "average" photos that do seem to get a lot of attention and I'm scratching my head wondering why? Not saying I deserve attention but it seems that the photos that do don't.

Michael McDermott  almost 6 years ago
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Frank Dietrich  almost 6 years ago

I was wondering about the same question. But no clue so far.

Steve Klett  about 6 years ago

And I assume you've read this... (?)

Steve Klett  about 6 years ago

I'm having the same issue with the site -- can't figure out the methods. There are some extraordinarily "average" images that seem to get an unexpectedly high number of views (let alone votes) and some terrific images that never seem to get seen... I'm guessing, like you, that time of upload makes a big difference, as do things like frequency of uploads/amounts of comments you make/followers, etc. BTW: I include my own meager contributions as falling in the former category so you'd think they'd get more views ;-)