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Mini Review of A Deeper Frame by David duChemin

Published July 13th, 2011

Although I have followed David duChemin's twitter feed and podcasts for some time, I was not directly familiar with his books or eBooks. When he began promoting it recently, I was deeply intrigued with his most recent eBook, A Deeper Frame, for personal reasons and decided to take a chance, especially given the low cost and the fantastic discount on the entire bundle of his eBooks being offered. The reason that my curiosity was peaked is because for the past six to nine months, I have personally been attempting to expand my photographic horizons significantly in terms of style (shooting, processing, seeing), but one area that I have been focusing on is the notion of conveying depth in a two-dimensional photographic image. As it turns out, this also has a significant synergy with my current job working in the Computer Vision field, which I took last November. So naturally, I was fully receptive to an exposition on this very topic by such a thoughtful artist as David.

As the author ...

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