Actually it's the eye of Denzel, my 'beloved' dog.

He can frighten people very much and half the population of our village walks on the other side of the street when they see Denzel coming. A lot of them ends with their face on the street when they pass by with their bicycle. They blame me for it but after years of hard working, on a friendly and sometimes a little less friendly way, Denzel doesn't change.

He was found as a puppy in Spain dumped in a dust container together with his brother. The first seven months of his life he has been on five different addresses but always returned to the animal shelter.
On the last address he even was abused.

I saw his picture on the internet with the beautiful text: 'nice seven months old puppy who knows the base comments'. He still doesn't know them although we went to school with him, he was kicked out!

After we had him for two months he became sick. it's an incurable disease and the muscles in his jaws are dying.
There are days he can drive me crazy and today was one of those days. I have had it with Denzel (called after Denzel Washington).

After you have read this story I don't think you will believe when I tell you that he's also a very sweet dog. He always wants to be with you. If you are in bed or in bath, Denzel is their! He's just an insecure sick little devil with pain. Last month they even had to take out eleven tooth.

When he became sick the prognosis was that he will reach three years max. Guess what, Denzel is already eight years.

We are still happy with this poor little Spanish street dog with no manners who's a real Podenco also called 'dog of the Egyptian pharaohs'. When you look at historical documents you see them sitting in a very aristocratic pose next to the pharaohs.
Denzel can sit and look exactly in that aristocratic way. I'm still waiting till he also behaves that way :-)

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