Gil Folk

Ferrari 458 Italia | Flawless Design

I can not think of one single angle that doesn't make this car look absolutely spectacular. I mean, just look at it; it all flows so perfectly and it all makes sense. No nonsense, no added drama bullshit, just a pure mix of Italian engineering, design, and art.

They say that automotive photography is the most difficult form of photography due to the following reasons:
1. Unlike shooting a model (person), you can't tell it how to look or what to do.
2. Cars are, compared to other subjects, rather large so it is rather difficult at times to make them fit their surroundings.
3. Cars, especially exotics, have many details that one might not see at first glance. It is the photographer's job to truly bring out these fine details without detracting from the rest of the car.
4. Shooting black cars is the most difficult due to reflections, the fact that the dark color hides all those details mentioned in the above example, it's difficult to maintain the organic shape of the car without losing parts of it with the background.
5. But when you finally get everything sorted out and you know exactly what you're doing, the results will be phenomenal.

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